Simple solutions often have dramatic effects. Noise Soaker panels have been carefully designed the with a variety of simple, but effective features to give contractors the most bang for their noise control buck.

In the world of construction site noise control, we can’t do much about noise that goes over the top of the sound wall. We can make the wall higher, but this can become very expensive. Regardless, over and over again we see others improperly install noise control walls of all heights by hanging standard sound blankets across an un-even grade, leaving gaps at the bottom of the blanket. These gaps under the blankets are actually significantly detrimental to noise control.

The cost of this overlooked problem in noise control? Up to double the sound transmitted (up to 3 decibels) which is often the margin of success or failure in community noise control solutions that are implemented and tested.

Depending on geography, geometry, height of the wall, location, etc., even a small gap at the bottom of a barrier can affect noise tests as much as that which goes over the top of the wall.

Noise Soaker – STC 33 / NRC .75

For this reason, we’ve built a moisture resistant, mass loaded vinyl flap at the bottom of the Noise Soaker blanket. The Noise Soaker blanket to the left shows the flap at the bottom. This allows the installer to lay the bottom of the panel on, over the top of, into the soil, grass, curb or any other surface that is native to the site. This feature closes off the bottom of the sound wall at any surface for maximum noise control. Imagine getting double the noise control at literally no extra cost! Noise Soaker’s superior design delivers superior results.

Other Noise Soaker unique features, including a full 2-inch-thick fiberglass absorptive surface, 10-year durability, easy installation with grommets and Velcro mating edges, make this the best product on the market and therefore the contractor’s choice for construction site noise control.

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