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100+ decibels
Temporary construction site barrier
Keep the community happy and be in compliance with code
Construction Site Noise Control
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100+ decibels
Temporary construction site barrier
Keep the community happy and be in compliance with code
Construction Site Noise Control
57 decibels
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Large Commercial

Durable and resistant to chemicals, salt water and ultraviolet (UV) exposure

entire job site
The Entire Job Site

Be in control of your site and sounds

noise and dust
Controls Noise and Dust

Temporary barriers block noise and dust from leaving the jobsite

Machinery Noise Control

Pumps, generators, nail guns, and all other job site noise

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Field Performance

Industry’s best performance in noise reduction for construction sites

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Designed to Work Hard

The Noise Soaker was designed and developed by a team of noise control engineers with input from General Contractors. The result is the best construction site noise control product for demanding and rugged construction environments.

Noise Control

Controlling loud machinery noise and other job site noise requires more than a simple absorber. The powerful noise energy generated by construction work drove us to develop a barrier backing that has the density and mass to impede, and therefore control, the amount of noise that leaves the jobsite. This barrier backing is unique to the Noise Soaker panel and economically delivers a Sound Transmission Class rating of 33 (STC 33), measurably blocking sound well above any comparable alternative. Additionally, the absorptive site-facing quilted side of the Noise Soaker panels provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75 that absorbs noise energy, thereby reducing reflected noise within and around the jobsite. In comparison, sound waves will reflect off simple surfaces like plywood, resulting in unwanted noise bouncing through the job site and surrounding areas. Dual-purpose noise absorption and noise blocking Noise Soaker panels provide the best construction site noise control on the market.

Job Site Ready

Real-world experience from construction sites was taken into careful consideration when designing the Noise Soaker. UV damage from sunlight is controlled with exterior grade vinyl casing and TENARA® thread. The Noise Soaker was designed to be resistant to salt water, chemicals and other pollutants found on many job sites. Brass grommets are in the right locations for easy mounting. An extended flap at the bottom functions as a “soil seal” at grade to minimize sound flanking under the panels. The flap also provides a strategic overlap when building tall barriers with multiple rows of panels hung vertically above one another. The industrial grade velcro interlocks panels along the vertical edges from top to bottom creating a durable seal. The Noise Soaker has been tested for over 10 years in harsh outdoor/winter environments with minimal degradation. We are construction grade!

The Building Block

Noise Soaker panels are 54″ wide x 8′, 10′, or 12′ tall with industrial grade velcro to interlock the panels, creating complete sound control.


  • Both STC 33 and NRC 0.75 in a single panel
  • TENARA® thread that is UV, salt water and chemical resistant
  • Exterior-grade, UV resistant mass-loaded vinyl barrier layer
  • Exterior-grade vinyl-coated-polyester (VCP) quilted fiberglass absorber facing
  • Outdoor quality brass mounting grommets
    Industrial grade velcro
  • Unique bottom seal reduces “soil flanking”
  • Tested in harsh outdoor/winter conditions for 10 years