Noise Soaker


The Noise Soaker is Construction Grade, designed for the harsh environment on construction sites. Built with materials specifically formulated for outdoor use.

  • STC: 33
  • NRC: 0.75
  • Backing: Exterior Grade Vinyl
  • Thread: TENARA® resistant to UV, chemicals, & salt
  • Grommets: Exterior Grade Brass
  • Velcro: Industrial Exterior Grade
  • Soil Seal: 8″
  • Size options:
    • 54″ W x 96” H (Model# NS-96)
    • 54″ W x 120” H (Model# NS-120)
    • 54″ W x 144” H (Model# NS-144)

-Size: All panels are 2” taller than nominal size shown above to ensure ground contact.
-Color: Panels come standardly with Gray quilted facing and Black mass-loaded vinyl barrier backing. The quilted facing is additionally available in Tan, Black or White.

Document Downloads:

Tech DataSheet 

3 Part Specification (PDF)

3 Part Specification (Word format)

Available for Purchase or Rent.

Acoustical Performance

Site Specific Calculations

Site-specific noise reduction study reports can be provided for any project submittal. Contact Us for noise calculations on your project.